Module Two - Online Referral Coaching

If you have been referred in Module Two and have since moved too far away from your centre for them to provide you with further support, we can help - wherever you are.

A referral in Module Two may just be due to a chance bad lesson "on the day". But in our experience, that's rare. Most referred candidates, we find, still have weaknesses in their background knowledge, their lesson planning or their practical teaching which they need to work on if they are to pass the external assessment the second time around. But if you've moved away from the centre where you took the course, your tutors may not be able to help you as much as you would like.

We can. Join us on our Referral Coaching programme and ....
  • We will first review two of the previous Language Systems and Skills assignments that you completed in order to get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.  We may also ask you to send us a filmed snippet of your teaching. This will enable us to formulate an individualised coaching package to help you bring your weak areas up to pass standard. 
  • Depending on the needs that we analyse and discuss with you, you will be able to send us two further "mock" background essays and lesson plans, or two lesson plans accompanied  by  the filmed lesson and PLE, or  one complete mock assignment : background essay, lesson plan, filmed lesson and PLE. You will receive full written feedback on these, plus a Skype tutorial to discuss your problems and progress, each time that you submit a piece of work.  If you feel that you need more help than this, we can work out an individual package to meet your needs - see the Costs section below.
  • Work on the weak areas which we identify in your work will then be built into our regular Module Two course sessions, which you will be able to follow online. The filmed sessions will include lessons taught by the course tutors and course participants, and the discussions of the rationale behind the plan (prior to the lesson) and the follow-up "debriefing" on what did and didn't work and why.
  • You will have full access to the course website and will be able to complete any of the tasks posted there which are relevant to your needs. These include tasks focusing on such areas as setting up activities, explaining grammar, and giving feedback which are common areas of weakness. Snippets from the films you send of your lessons and/or of you trying out  the practical activities included in the tasks may (with your agreement) be used in the sessions to maximise the amount of feedback you receive. 
  • You will receive guidance in preparing the outline of your referral assignment.  Cambridge regulations do not permit tutors to see full first drafts or the finished version of externally assessed lesson,, and it is therefore essential that you maximise the effectiveness of the outline which you can submit to your tutor in order to get the most effective feedback possible.

What our participants say....

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to be coached through my re-take of Module 2 and it was the best experience I have ever had. The tutor supported me from start to finish ensuring that I knew exactly what was required for the LSA,the lesson plan and the lesson. I had access to a wealth of resources including video tutorials, sample LSAs and lesson plans and received detailed comments on my draft outlines for the LSA and lesson plan. I benefited enormously from the sharp and earnest critique of my tutor and learnt more in the coaching programme than I had when I initially studied the DELTA. I would absolutely recommend the coaching programme which is definitely value for money. Sue is not only experienced and knowledgeable; she is very skilled in highlighting the weaknesses you need to address to improve your performance and most importantly meet Cambridge's criteria.  

Fahmeeda Gill U.A.E

Coaching Dates

You can enrol for the programme as soon as you receive your results, and take advantage of our support for the next four months, submitting your referral assignment for the subsequent session (June, October or December). If you wish to take longer than this to re-submit, we can work out an individual package to meet your needs - see the Costs section below.


The cost of the standard coaching package, as described above is €427*. If you wish to "add-on" extra submitted work, or to extend the period of time which you stay with us, we will work out an individual price with you to cover your requirements.

* The course fee includes VAT and bank transfer charges. However, please note that the course fee does not include the exam entry fee, which is not paid to us but directly to your original centre.

If you are interested in participating in the programme, contact us for more information. You'll find our e-mail address in the right hand sidebar.